cnc laser cutting metal ipg cnc laser cutting stainless steel pipe laser cutter

cnc laser cutting metal IPG cnc laser cutting stainless steel pipe laser cutter

Advantages pipe laser cutter

1:High quality laser beam, perfect focus point, precise cutting line, high efficiency.

2:High speed laser cutting, twice faster than CO2 laser cutting.

3:High reliable performance, adopted with leading fiber technology in the world, the key component could used for more than 100000 hrs.

4:Low consumption in power supply.

5:Free maintenance.

6:Easy operation.

7:Fiber cable delivery, more flexible for integration.

pipe laser cutter Cutting capacity

Thickness (mm)
Speed (m/min)
                                                                                             Stainless Steel
                                                                                                                                                                               Mild Steel

Packing & Delivery

1.Wood case or as per required.
2.The delivery lead time would be 7-15 days against down payment.
3.As for the wholesalers/distributors,we could send the cargo by air, by sea or by railways
via reliable forwarder


Q:How was the machine guarantee?
A: We offer you 12 months guarantee

Q:If machine have problem with the guarantee, how to fix this problem?
A:We have the after-sale department, machine have the problem, we will fix it through from the internet.
We check with you by internet face to face, then if machine part have problem, we exchange the new parts of you , and help, to install it.

Q; How can i use the machine , if i am the new buyer?
A:We can teach you in the factory face to face , it only take you two days to learn the using. if you have no time, need to come back learn we have the English manual book and working video step by step, we can also teach you through whatsapp or Skype.
If you provide samples to us, we will test and programming in advance, so you can use it directly when you get the machine.

Q: How do you control your quality?
A: Before we ship our machine to another country, we will test it well,let it go through every of the corner check the accuracy.
Machines can not be dispatched until finished machine pass all essential complicated test after running at least two days without stopping to ensure quality.

Q: If the problematic machine can not be fixed well through Internet and phonetic?
A: In the first year, the seller will only charge the buyer the visa, traveling and accommodation fee in case the buyer needs the seller’s engineer to perform necessary repair and maintenance works for the laser machine and chiller in the buyer’s factory.

How to choose a good laser cutting machines ?

1. Machine quality.
If you plan to choose the cheapest laser welding machines ,maybe the quality can't be guaranteed. The quality is the most important factors should be considered first before choosing a laser welding machine.

2. Furthermore, after-sales service is very important too.
Good after-sales service represent the image of a company. After you using the laser welding Machines and meeting any problem, a good after-sales can solve it effectively and
protect the consumers’ right.

3. The third is technical support.
Cos of different time zone, the communication with the seller is a big problem. So the effectively contact information and serve is very useful.
Our company can provide 24th service, we could also go to your country to solve problem if necessary.

4. Last but not the least is the company.
In order to ensure the company image, a good reputation company usually can produce good quality machine. You can search our company in the official website.

If you want to make sure whether this laser welding machine suitable for your material, please tell me:

1.What materials do you want to weld?
Different types laser welding machine apply to different material.

2.What’s the size of your material?(Length *width* thickness)
Once you tell me this information of your material, then I'll recommend you the most suitable machine and the best price for you. And we can also customize one for you or send you a solution.

3.How to inspect the welding result?
Some welding application need high level inspection, such as sealing, pressure, strength, flat welding surface and etc.