desktop table type portable cnc plasma cutting machine economical programmable

desktop table type portable cnc plasma cutting machine economical programmable

Detailed Product Description

Model Number:GSII-PS2020-PMAX-105APlasma Power:Hypertherm Powermax105 USA
Gantry Type:TableEffective Cutting Area(Length):2200 X 20800mm
Servo Motor:Software Supports HPRXD And True HoleKeywords:CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine

Desktop Table Type CNC Plasma and Flame Cutting Machine 2200 x 20800mm

Product Description

Portable cnc flame cutting machine can be programmed to cut any plane shape parts composed of beeline and arc ,which are same as large gantry cutting machines . It is equipped with a 5.7 inch LED with dynamic and static graphical display .It is directly perceived and very easy to learn .It can be programmed to cutting parts directly , and also can be operated in computer translating instructions into a program file by CAD program , and then deducing it via U hardware .The standard positioning of this machine is flame cutting ,external hanging plasma cutter is also workable .
1. Economical and Practical,especially for small and medium-sized enterprises;
2. Small volume,light weight,easy to move,no occupying fixed site;
3. Preset graphics database,can store over 1000 cutting program files;
4. Motors,drives,electromagnetic valve,and other important components,all use well-known brands at home and abroad;
5. Reserve plasma cutting function interface,support for plasma cutting;
6. Electric hoist,convenient ant quick.
7. Programmable cutting arbitrary shape parts of line and arc .
8. Dynamic and static graphic display, easy to learn.Can convert CAD file in computer, through USB flash drive transmits to machine to realize cutting all kinds' graphs and also can program and operate directly on the machine .
9. Track and movement organizations adopt unique design, ensuring the working precision of machine.
10. Can use flame cutting (gas cutting ) and plasma cutting .
11. Interfaces in English or Chinese can be converted freely.
12. Economical, Portable and easy to operate.
13. Great working stability, effective shield plasma high frequency interference.

Main Features
1. Beam adopts Q345B welded square steel tube structure with stress release by tempering,it has high intensity and rigidity.
2. After precision machining of the surface,the crossbeam has good rigidity and high precision and excellent heat dissipation.
3. The product is suitable for equipment with any kinds of CNC systems.


1. The longitudinal, transverse drive are all use high-precision gear and rack.( Class 7 Precision) for transmission. Both longitudinal and transverse have all adopted liner guide rail are imported from Taiwan,China to guarantee the stability in moving, high-precision, durable in usage and good appearance.
2. The reducer is planetary gear reducer for precision in moving and also balance.
3. The drive system is from imported Japan AC servo drive for steady in movement, a wider range of speed transmission, short acceleration time.

our service

1. Standardization of Service “212"
2. response in 2 hours
1: provide solution in 1 day
2: solve complaint in 2 days
3. Installation Service
Installation Services are available with all Accurl machines. We dispatch technician to customer's factory for installation and preoperation of machines. ( Customers only need to pay the airfare and hotel )
4. Training Service
Our technician is available to your factory and offer training of how to use our machines. As well, you may send your technician to our company to learn how to operate machines.
5. Quality Guarantee
We guarantee the quality of machine (e.g. processing speed and working performance is the same as the data of samples making). We sign the agreement with detailed technical data.
We arrange final test before shipment. We run the machine for a few days, and then use customer's materials for test. After making sure machine is the best performance, then make shipments.
Machine warranty is 3 year. We offer flexible extended warranties if needed.


1. More than 12 years experience for Hydraulic Press and 16 years for sheet metal machinery
2. Total Number of Employee : 455
3. Floor Area : 56,765m^2
4. New factory area : 61,321m^2
5. Whole factory is controlled by ERP-Enterprise Resource Plan

TypeACCURL PS - 2020
Product NameCNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine
Cutting Table 2200 x 20800 mm
Machine Width4250 min-1
Machine Lenght22200 mm
Machine Height2200 mm
Table Height750 mm
Table Width2200 mm
Table Lenght19200 mm
X Axis Stroke2800 mm
Y Axis Stroke20200 mm
Weight17000 kg