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Product Description

I. General introduction of the scheme

1. Equipment name: CNC ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine

2. Equipment mode: 1525

3. Quantity: one set

The triaxial CNC ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine which mode is 1525 mainly consist of ultra-high pressure generator, CNC system, cutting platform, high-pressured water switch and cutting head, high pressure pipeline, and automatic sand feeding machine etc.

II. Equipment configuration and main technical performance description:

1. High pressure generator 42037Z

1.1 Main features:

l Adopt USA premium brand imported booster

l Hydraulic pump is automatic variable pump

l Plate heat exchanger

l Second level water filter

l Second level inflow and boosting

l Oil outlet, oil back double filtration and pollution warning

l Between main motor and oil pump adopts elastic connection

l The booster only has very less wearing parts

l Automatic stop while overvoltage and undervoltage automatic protection function

l To prevent voltage peak influencing energy consumption, the high pressure generator is equipped with star-delta starter.

l Adopt imported with original packaging electromagnetic relief valve and electro-hydraulic reversal valve

l Have the function of overvoltage safety protection

1.2 Main technical parameters

Max oil pump flow: 107L/min

Max high pressure water flow: 3.8L/min

Max available water nozzle diameter: 0.30mm

Max pressure: 420MPa (60000psi)

Continuous cutting pressure range: 50-380Mpa (pressure can be set)

Main motor power: 37KW (50Hp)

Power supply: 380V/50Hz, three phase

Energy accumulator: 1.2L

Max cutting thickness:30mm

2. CNC system

2.1 Main features:

l CNC control

l Adopt the professional IPC for water cutting customized by Advantech for our company

l 19cun LCD

2.2 Water cutting software main functions

l Industrial PC platform, special water cutting software based on Windows

l The system can directly support UG, MASTERCAM, CASMATE, Art CAM, AUTOCAD, CorelDraw and various other kinds of G code, PLT code format generated by CAD/CAM software, and carved processing files ENG code format, DXF file format.

l Constant speed control function

l Coordinate recovery function while outage

l Inflection point speed reducing function

l Convenient pause continue and start processing at any section function

l Delay time can be set free

l Cutting parameter storage function

3. Cutting platform (HEAD2050BA)

3.1 Main features:

l Adopt gantry structure

l Machine body and bearing platform adopt separated structure

l Cutting platform X-beam adopts one-time extrusion forming aluminium alloy material, with light weight, strong rigidity and without deformation, which is the most advanced technology in water cutting machine.

l Adopt Taiwan ABBA ball screw, linear guide rail

l Adopt integrated dust prevention sealing structure

l Adopt high quality support chain and special cable

l Connection between driving motor and ball screw adopts flexible coupling for direct connection

l Double protection function of over-travel automatic limit and soft limit

l Y-direction machine body main structural parts adopt casting structure and concrete structure

l Z-axis adopts dual-rail matched with four sliding blocks

l Adopt electric control intelligent automatic lubrication system