high pressure 5 axis cnc waterjet cutting machine

high pressure 5 axis cnc waterjet cutting machine

Product Description

High Pressure 5 Axis CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

One set waterjet cutting machine including 4 parts:
1. (Bridge)Water jet cutting table
2. Intensifier pump box
3. CNC controller
4. Auto abrasive supply

Bridge feature:

1. Adopt servo drive configuration Taiwan ball screw,linear guide can achieve seamless movement, to ensure smooth operation. To ensure the smooth transmission of the whole machine.

2. Steel base, beams imported high quality seamless steel pipe, and then empty the true heat treatment, invisible change.

3. A full range of cutting capacity, any plane curve cutting.

4. Specially reinforced bed structure, so that the cutting head does not produce vibration during high-speed operation, the machine runs smoothly, cutting speed, high precision machining.

5. The screw and guide provided by the well-known Taiwan manufacturers, X, Y-axis is the original oil-immersed screw rail lubrication, plus a waterprooof, dust-proof structure to ensure that the machining accuracy of CNC cutting platform, and maximize the service life of the screw guide.

Cutting Material And Thickness:
Stainless steel:60mm, Plastic and foam:200mm
Aluminum:120mm, Glass:80mm
Ceramic:80mm, Marble:80mm

Technl Data
Cutting table size3100*2100mm
CNC ControllerStep System / AC Servo System
Turbocharger parameters
Maximum pressure450Mpa
Normal operating pressure350-380Mpa
Main motor power37KW
Oil pumpVarialbe
High-pressure cylinderImported
Inlet valveImported
Ceramic rodImported
AccumulatorSingle taper
Power supply415/380/220V AC 3P(according to local voltage)
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