Handheld fiber laser welding machine 1500w for 8mm Carbon steel


The system is mainly composed of a laser unit and a weiding unit; Hand-heid welding,taking into account the flexibility,high efficiency and high weld quality of laser welding; Modular design and layout of the overall equipmet,beautiful and easy to maintain and debug; High system flexibility,compatible with a wide range of models,and short changeover times; Simple operation,no job certificate, no teacheer can also weld beatiful products; Smooth and beautiful weld seam,teduce the followup grinding process,save time and cost; Welding workpiece has no distortion, no welding scar, and very strong.

Easy to use, saving labor costs

The Rec FSC series of high-power single-mode continuous fiber lasers are independently developed and produced by Reci,and are solved by solving the mode instability (TMI) and stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) that limit the average power of high-power single-mode fiber lasers.Bottleneck problems such as (SRS) and poor beam quality have increased the average output power of single-cavity and single-transverse mode lasers to 3000W.

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