accurl cnc plasma cutter machine for sheet metal cutting with hypertherm powermax 125

The ACCURL® High-quality Plasma cutting machine provides superior performance at an entry-level price. Through its best-in-class motion, unitized design, and compact footprint the CPL brings speed and productivity to shops of all sizes.

The ACCURL® CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with Powermax125 Plasma Cutter is an extremely powerful, high performance unit, ready for even the most demanding cutting and gouging.

CLP Features:

Industrial Cutting Machine
•Modular design for quick installation to get you cutting faster.
•Full factory assembled or on-site customer assembled option
•Standard open bottom table; water tray and zoned duct optional
•Plug and cut controls

Durable Performance

•Heavy duty components will deliver years of dependable service.
•Robust-tube frame construction with 12mm hardened bearing shafts
•Fully enclosed cable power track
•Powder coated metal surfaces
High Powered Flexibility
•Small operations can harness the power of high-grade industry functionality.
•Standard high-reliability motion package
•Upgradable to faster speed and high-definition plasma options as your business grows
•Easy-to-operate software control interface and intuitive CAD/CAM drawing/nesting tools
•Optional :Hypertherm Hydefinition Plasma HPR130XD ,HPR260XD, HPR400XD, HPR800XD
• According to the working conditions cooling fan or heater can be add to the electrical panel
• Conformity of European Union CE

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