1000W fiber laser tube cutting machine

 fiber laser tube cutting machine 1000w

The Working Principle of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with world leading fiber laser source which generates powerful laser that focuses on the objects and lead to instant melting and evaporation. Automatic cutting is controlled by numerical control system. This hi-tech machine integrates advanced fiber laser technology, numerical control and precision machinery technology.

Fiber Laser Machine Layout:

This model embodies the latest production concept of the company.It integrates the combination of light, machine, electricity and sensor control technology in one industrial application.It mainly consists of optical system (laser generator), control system (CNC system), motor system (host),Water cooling system ( water chiller), environmental protection system (exhaust fan), cutting air system (clean gas) composition.

GH3015 laser cutting machine equipped with imported pinion and rack transmitting system.High precision guide rail unit; After the structural design of the fully digital finite element simulation analysis;After professional equipment manufacturing and testing precision, the key components can be tested by professional installation and detection of optical instruments.The high rigidity and high precision of transmission system, moving parts and guiding system are guaranteed.Therefore, the high dynamic response characteristics are obtained, and the capability of high precision machining is achieved.The interaction speed of X and Y axis reaches 80m/min, which ensures the efficiency of processing.

 Model GF-3015 A80
Processing Size1500x3000mm
Max cutting Speed80m/min
Max Acelerated1.2G
X/Y Positioning Accuracy± 0.03mm
X/Y reapeated Positioning Accuracy± 0.02mm
Power supply 380V 50HZ
Laser power 500-2000w
Machine gross power < 40kva
Whole machine weight 5500kg
Machine dimensions4500*3000*1700mm
Transmissionprecision pinion and rack, dual-drive transmitting

Products Feathers

The main body part of the machine is the motor execution part of the laser cutter, which determines the accuracy of the position and the speed of the machine, namely the speed of the laser cutting machine.As the domestic laser cutting machine manufacturer, the main body is the most core part.

The main body part of the machine consist of the bed, the beam, the Z axis , the worktable and the water, gas and oil system. By controlling the servo motors of X, Y and Z axis through the numerical control system, the reciprocating motion of precision, stability and high speed is realized.The precision movement part is sealed with a fully enclosed dust proof device to ensure the working environment, thus ensuring the service life of the main body part of the fiber laser cutting machine.

The main body part X and Y axes adopt original imported gear and rack driver and high precision linear guide rail. In the moving parts,we installed the famous brand of photoelectric sensor and mechanical stroke switch. At the same time, our machine designed with high strength elastic cushioning device, which ensures the safety of personnel and machine.

Ø Lathe bed part

The bed adopts the honeycomb structure, and then welded together.After the stress annealing treatment the next step is coarse processing; And then the treatment of the vibration aging process, and finally semi-finishing and finishing processing technology.The whole processing and manufacturing process completely solves the stress distortion caused by welding and processing.And we select the imported large CNC processing equipment to ensure the accuracy of the bed;Therefore, the precision and stability of the machine will ensured in future.

Ø Beam part:

Casting beams also adopts aviation aluminum material,and the same manufacturing technology and processing equipment as the lathe bed , so as to realize the the same change trend when machine in the process of various environment ,and reached high stability and precision.

Ø Z axis part:

The z-axis sliding seat is also cast by aviation casting aluminum, and the transmission part is driven by the servo motor and high precision screw and ball to realize the upper and lower reciprocating motion of the cutting head.The upper and lower ends are equipped with a photoelectric sensor switch and elastic cushion to ensure the safety of the movement.

There are two kinds of control mode for Z axis reciprocating movement: one is the NC interpolation motion shaft alone, the other is that the capacitive sensor detect the cutting nozzle to the plate surface distance, and then feedback signals to the control system of servo control.Two modes of control complement each other;Thus guaranteed the high accuracy of laser cutting, the stability of cutting quality and the quality of cutting section.

Ø Water,Gas and oil part:

The water part is for cooling the fiber laser, the professional fiber laser chiller will be low energy consumption and long life.

The gas circuit of the fiber laser cutting machine is divided into two applications: the auxiliary air circuit, such as the compressed air used to drive the cylinder.The other is for cutting.

The cutting gas is divided into three types: nitrogen, oxygen and air, and the three gases are freely chosen to switch through the solenoid valve.Nitrogen is mainly used for cutting stainless steel and aluminum plates.Oxygen is mainly used to cut carbon steel plate.Air can cut all metal, and greatly reducing the cost of equipment usage.

The oil system adopts automatic lubrication. Each transmission point does not need to be lubricated manually, we only need to add to lubricating oil pump in the fixed time.

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