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laser cutting machine price

Product Description

Stainless steel laser cutting machine/laser cutting machine for metals

1, Machine's main features

Machine consists of machine host, computer control systems, fiber laser cutting head, chillers, auxiliary decency components.

Machine gantry structure, using Japan YASKAWA servo motors drive rack and pinion feed, high precision and fast speed, dual-drive gear and rack transmission instead of the traditional ball screw transmission which makes the machine empty moving speed up to 40-50meters/Min.

Bed gantry, machine welded structure, aging treatment after annealing, roughing, finishing, can completely eliminate stress welding and machining, rigid, high precision, can be maintained long-term use not deformed( at least 20 years).

X, Y axes are imported Japan YASKAWA high precision servo motors, high speed, high torque, and high inertia, stable and durable. Ensure the machine's high speed, high precision and acceleration.

Special cutting software, integration of a number of laser cutting control specific modules, powerful, good man-machine interface, easy operation. The cutting head selection of Swiss brand high quality Ray Tools brand fiber laser cutting head as well as dedicated capacitive sensing, high precision sensor, responsive, performance of the most stable and reliable.

Control systems; Use of computer-controlled electric table translation is complete work piece cutting and so on. Cutting can be done in any graphic editor and sports plane.

Machine main parts adopt the Europe, Japan and Taiwan famous brand, its China's price but European machine quality.

2, Machine main technical advantage

2.1 Machine tool

ACCURL-FC3015 series bed with gantry design, machine welded structure, beams constructed of cast aluminum after annealing aging treatment, and then roughing, finishing, can completely eliminate stress welding and machining, rigidity, precision high, can be maintained long-term use at least 20 years not deformed.

Machine Beam gantry with the overall Aluminium casting parts which can reduce weight beams, to ensure good stability, high-speed operation can meet the machine.

Machine weighing 4 tons, variable analysis technique using structural dynamic design principle and finite element method designed machine base has excellent static and dynamic performance.


ST-FC3015 machine's technical parameters
Floor areaAbout 4650 * 2520mm (excluding loading and unloading area)
Allow material Maximum cutting area1500*3000mm
Machine Gross weight4000KG
Power supply requirements380V/ 50HzTotal power20KW
Environmental requirementsTemperature range: 10-35 ºC Humidity range: 40-85%
1, 000 meters above sea level, the use of environment non-flammable, explosive, magnetic, strong earthquakes
Equipment moving system parameters
Cutting speed, acceleration0-50m/min


Air-way speed, acceleration0-50m/min
Positioning accuracy<0.03mm/m
Drive SystemAdopt Japan YASKAWA servo motors drive
TransmissionAll use high precision helical rack and pinion
Feedback and transport control systemsDedicated transport and control system
Ventilation systemFixed lower ventilation
Workbench TypeRack Workbench
Circuit and protection systemStandard Design

3, Our fibe laser cutting machine main laser cutting functions

ACCURL-FC Series Laser Cutting macine main function
1Height Follow-UpTorch Move Up And Down According To Plate Height
2Power ControlLaser Power Control According To Slope
3Reverse FunctionReverse To Execute NC Program
4Breakpoint ReturnReturn To Breakpoint After Recovery
5Multi PiercingPulse, Blasting, Progress, High-Speed
6Lead LineSet Lead Line Parameter
7Auto Edge-FindingFind Cutting Piece Coordinate Automatically
8Leapforg FunctionLeapforg To Improve Cutting Efficiency
9Common LineCommon Line To Improve Cutting Efficiency
10Marking FunctionMark Any Shape On Plate

4, Laser cutting thickness and speed for reference ( based on the laser power 800W)

MaterialThickness (mm)Recommend Cutting
Max Cutting Speed(mm/min)Power (W)Cutting GasGas Pressure
Focus (mm)Nozzle ModelDefocusing (mm)

5, Laser cutting software(automatic nesting software) introduction

"Laser cutting design software" is set for flat cutting design software, whose main goal is to provide image processing, parameter settings, the custom cutting process editor, simulation, and idling sorting and processing
It supports the following data input mode

6.1) After time support DXF, PLT and other graphical data formats accepted international standard G code Mater Cam, Type3, Wentai software generated DXF import graphics, text outlines AutoCAD direct extraction system transferred graphic image data, you can edit the layout (like zoom, rotate, align, copy, combination, smooth, merging operation) of the imported data to automatically check the legality, such as: Closed, overlapping, self-intersecting, distance between the detection of graphics, the cutting type (female cut, Yang cut), and external relations, interference relationship, automatic calculation of introducing cutting patterns, export line.

6.2) Process according to need, can be freely modified start position and graphics processing direction, while the system dynamically adjust the introduction of lead position, file import always automatically optimize the processing sequence, but also can be manually adjusted to reduce the processing time and improve processing efficiency select the graphic output, support anywhere in the processing of local data, particularly useful for feeding, while you can use the crop function, a graphics processing locally unique breakpoint, the process can go forward along the track, rewind, flexibility encountered each process case, according to the graphic processing, raw material size, automatic nesting:

6, Machine Rough Consumption costs ( based on laser power 800W machine)

A> Total Power Consumption 

Machine PartPower
Power Consumption
Laser Generator5.8<=21Due to the power price is different in every country, so I can only give power consumption, couldn't give total price cost
CNC Table5.8
Cooling Unit5
Extraction Filter4.4

B> Gas Consumption 

O260Calculated based on
1mm MS Plate
Due to the gas price is different in every country, so I can only give gas consumption, couldn't give total price cost
N215Calculated based on
1mm SS Plate

C> Consumables parts 

ConsumablesLife(Hour)Unit Price
Total Cost
Protective Mirror>=240430.18If working environment is good, then consumables'
Life will be longer
Ceramic Ring>=15001080.07
Total0.29 USD/Hour

Total Consumption 

Gas Consumption
O2<=21 kW/Hour60 (Minute/Bottle)0.29 USD/HourCalculated based on 1mm MS Plate
N2<=21kW/Hour15 (Minute/Bottle)0.29 USD/HourCalculated based on 1mm SS Plate
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