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Detailed Product Description

Model Number:KJG-1530DT-1000W ACCURLWorking Range:1500x3000mm
Laser Type:China Raycus Fiber YLS-1000wLinear Guide:Taiwan HIWIN
Chiller:S & A For Laser Source And Cutting HeadKeywords:1000w Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

1000w Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet of Aluminum Alloys 3mm


Accurl’s introduces its newest generation in tubes and profiles processing technology – the Fiber Laser Tube Cutting System. With over 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing experience in tube cutting technology, Accurl is specialized in solutions for the Tube and Pipe industries, and the new Laser Tube Cutting Line is the ultimate solution for joining multiple machining processes in one system for maximum flexibility, automation and performance.

Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine Features

1. Capacity up to O.D. 152 mm

2. Cutting Lengths up to 2000mm or 3000mm (longer lengths by request)

3. Wall thickness from 0.6 - 6.0mm (Mild Steel)

4. Automatic Bundle Loading System with Material Alignment

5. Automatic Unloading System with Conveyor

6. Equipped with 1.0 kW (Standard) or 2.0 kW (Optional) Laser Resonator

7. Multi-Axis CNC Controls with Touch Screen Interface

8. SOCO CAD-CAM system for Tubes and Profiles with built-in Nesting

9. SOCO i2 ( Intelligent interface) 3D operation software

10. Cutting for round, square, rectangle and various profile shapes

11. Enclosed Workstation for maximum safety


1. 3 Axis (X, Y, Z)

2. Safety Cabinet

3. Automatic-Dual Shuttle Table

4. CAD/CAM Software

5. Conveyor

6. Warning Lamp

7. Nozzle Set

8. Nozzle cleaning and height calibration table


1. Linear motor technology

2. IPG 0.5 kW, 1 kW, 2 kW, 3 kW, 4 kW and 6 kW laser source options

3. Extraction unit.

4. Light protection barrier

5. Pneumatic sheet support system for easy sliding

6. Air conditioner for automation panel

7. Metalix, Almacam etc. CAD/CAM software

8. Nozzle changer

Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine Working Processes

1. Automatic Tube Bundle Loading

2. Automatic Material Alignment

3. Automatic Feeding and Rotation

4. Fiber Laser Tube Cutting

5. Unloading

Product Features

1. High output power, 500-2000 watts is optional.

2. Can cut inclined truncation surface at the end of tubes.

3. Can cut intersection line of branch pipe, which is intersected with circular main pipe.

4. Can cut off square pipes and do 360 degree turning cutting.

5. Can cut square holes, waist type holes on tubes.

6. Can do various graphic cut on square tube, oval tube, U tube and rectangular tube etc.

Standard Euipment


The dual cutting table system is designed for in-creasing your workflow and reducing time spent on placing and removing materials. Cutting table exchange speed can be adjusted according to thickness of materials.


Keeping your machine cutting quickly and cleanly is important. Our nozzle cleaner helps improve the life of your nozzles so your cuts stay consistent, longer.


ModelKJG-1530 / IPG 1000w
Maximum cutting capacityMild steel10mm
Stainless steel4mm
Laser PowerYLR-1000Watt
Max running speed40/min
Work piece dimensions1500 x 3000mm
Rapid traverse (X and Y axis)105 m/min
Acceleration1.2G (12m/s2)
Absolute positioning accuracy± 0.03 mm
Max. load capacity1550 kg
Fume extractor1000 m3/hour
Laser Cutting HeadRayTools BM110 from Switzerland
Feed rateProgrammable up to 30 m/min.
Applied MaterialsThin mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper plate


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