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cnc plasma cutter

Detailed Product Description

Model Number:CPL- 1530Plasma Power:HyPerformance HPR400XD
Mild Steel Cut Capacity:38 Mm Dross FreeStainless Steel Cut Capacity:45 Mm Production Pierce
Aluminum Cut Capacity:80 Mm Maximum Cutting CapacityKeywords:Plasma Cutting Machines

CNC Steel Plasma Cutting Machine 2500 x 6000mm with HyPerformance HPR400XD Plasma Source for Messer CNC Plasma Cutter

Product Description

The machine equippment with Multi-axis design, unique design bevel rotator, it is capable of ctting available V, Y, K, X type bevel cutting accurate bevel profiles on any angle from +45° To -45 ° , the rotator is controlled by CNC system automatically.

Gantry and box type welded structure, annealed heat treatment, long service life, stable and durable in heavy load and high duty performance.

Gapless gearing transmit, stable and smooth running in high speed, smart, fine surface finish quality.

Integrated auto-ignition with automatic height controller, keep the height between the torch and work piece, achieve the best cutting quality.

Gantry Type Series CNCSG is heavy duty, precision machine, specially designed for cutting large steel plate, can be equipped with multiple plasma torches and flame torches. It is very efficient, with excellent cutting quality.

Able to process multi-torch mirror image cutting or synchronism cutting, improve cutting efficiency.

Low use cost, dispense with special maintenance, friendly operator inteface, easy to learn.

Utility CNC system, reliable and safe, automatic programming, optimization nestling and piercing patch, save the steel effectively.

Features of plasma cutter

1. Fast cutting speed,high precision and low cost.

2. With firm and reasonable structure,the machine is easy to operate and durable for use.

3. The cutting incision is thin and tidily and can avoid the second processing.

4. High configurated CNC system,auto arc-striking and stable performance.

5. Together with other advertising equipments,they form an advertisement producing line which completely solve the problem of traditional manual mode.

6. Working with computer and support G code and files of Uncannest software (specilized in cutting metal material) (optional Fastcam software).

7. It can cut metal plate of advertising 3D lighting letter and flute profile letter with high cutting precision.(USA power is optional).

8. Start control system and Start THC device.

Safety With Plasma Cutting machine

When using plasma cutting machine, appropriate safety goggles are necessary to avoid sparks and also for UV protection from the electrical arc. Heavy gloves and protective clothing are recommended as well to avoid burns.

Plasma power source

Please select the suitable Hypertherm plasma system (made in USA) according to the following introduction.

1. Hypertherm Plasma Capacity Chart

2. Air Plasma: PowerMax

3. LongLife Air and Oxygen Plasma: Maxpro200

4. HyPerformance Plasma: HPR*XD

HPRXD Plasma Selections Working Data:

Mild steel cut capacity
Dross free16 mm323838
Production pierce32 mm385050
Maximum cutting capacity38 mm648080
Stainless steel cut capacity
Production pierce20 mm324575
Maximum cutting capacity25 mm5080160
Aluminum cut capacity
Production pierce20 mm324575
Maximum cutting capacity25 mm5080160


TypeWidthLengthHeightCutting WidthCutting Length
CPL- 153025504550225015003000
CPL- 154025505650225015004000
CPL- 204037005650225020004000
CPL- 254042505650225025004000
CPL- 256042508050225025006000