pipe plasma cutting & beveling machine (roller bench type)

pipe cutting machine

Product Description

Product Name: Roller-bench type CNC pipe flame/plasma bevel cutting machine

Performance features

Technical parameters
Pipe diameter applicable: DN100-600(φ114~610 mm); DN150~800(φ159~813 mm) DN150~1200 (φ159~1219 mm)
Applicable wall thickness: ≤15mm (plasma cutting) ; ≤60mm (flame cutting)
Materials applicable: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cryogenic steel
Cutting length: 6350MM
Bevel Shape: V type
Cutting direction: lengthwise

Roller bench:
Structure: three line roller with fixed distance
Roller bench Length:7000MM
Driving System: servo motor + precision reducer
Rev: 0~2.5M/Min (VF stepless speed adjustment)
Roller bench Material: 45#,Surface bluing treatment
Rotation Accuracy:<2.0MM

Trolley System:
Trolley stroke: 6350MM (moving lengthwise)
Cutting torch travel: 700MM (up/down); 300MM (left/right)
Cutting with: Plasma cutting(can be equip for flame cutting)
Cutting Torch Angle:±45°(adjustable)
Cutting Torch Quantity: one piece of plasma cutting torch
Angle error: <2°
Length fixing accuracy:<2.0MM
Control System: SH~2000H CNC Cutting System
Length-measuring system: CNC length measuring which is included in the control system.
Conveying system: built in a conveying system equipped with a lifter; one set of conveying system can be provided additionally for bevel cutting machine if necessary and conveying can be implemented Automatically.
Plasma Cutting power source: Hypertherm from USA (or as per customers' demands)

Technical Description Standard Type
Pipe diameter applicable:DN100-600mm ;  DN150 ~ 800mm; DN200~ 1200mm
Pipe wall thickness applicable: ≤ 15mm (plasma cutting) ;  ≤ 60mm (flame cutting)
Materials applicable:carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cryogenic steel
Cutting Torch Angle± 4 5 ° ( adjustable )
Angle error <2 °
Length measuring accuracy <2.0mm
Control SystemSH ~ 2000H CNC Cutting System
Cutting withPlasma cutting or flame cutting
Products Name CNC Pipe Cutting Machine, Pipe Cutting Machine, Pipe Plasma Cutting Machine, CNC Pipe Bevel Cutting Machine

Basic Info
Model NO.: BPPBM-24A / BPPBM-32A / BPPBM-48A
Trademark: ACCURL
Specification: CE, SGS, TUV, ISO9001
Origin: Made in Anhui, China
HS Code: 8456901000