500w yag laser cutting machine 3mm -800w metal steel laser cutting machine – brand accurl

YAG lamp-pumped metal laser cutting machine with precision ball screw transmission

Model No.: ACCURL-130250DT/150300DT/13090DT (500w 650w 800w)

Metal Laser Cutting Machine Main Features

1. Equipped with medium power YAG lamp pump laser generator and can do cutting of any graphics within the size of 1500mm×3000mm (or 1300X2500mm, 1300X900mm). It is suitable for large-scale metal sheet cutting and the processing is fast and precise.

2. Stable and good deformation resistance capability. Aging process technology ensures durable in use and accuracy of the machine.

3. Automatic following focus device realizes dynamic focus continuous cutting on materials with different thickness.

4. The working table is equipped with universal wheel and pneumatic loading device (optional), which saves labor, avoids metal sheet damage and ensures good cutting quality.

5. Separate digitalized operating table and remote controller is convenient for operation. There are several input modes of USB flash disk data copy, USB cable data transmission, network connections and other data transmission methods. One computer can control several laser machines, saving cost.

6. Standard collocation of automatic nesting software and optional collocation of auto-recognition cutting, save materials and improves working efficiency.

7. The machine can be equipped with integrated rotary device or detached rotary device and can do fixed position punching, notching and cutting metal pipes